Synthose Inc. is a group of carbohydrate synthesis specialists with an R&D and manufacturing laboratory just north of Toronto in Canada.

Established in 2006 as LC Scientific Inc. by Dr. Eva Goss, in 2016 we moved to a larger facility and changed our name to Synthose to better reflect our focus on the synthesis of carbohydrates and glycoconjugates.

Chemist seated at bench using a laptop, fume hoods and shelves of chemicals in the background, lab equipment in the foreground.


Our laboratory is equipped with ten fume hoods and can accommodate synthesis projects from the milligram scale to the kilogram scale in our 80L reactor and 20L evaporator.

Process testing and quality assurance are done with our in-house HPLC instrument equipped with UV and ELS detectors, as well as by same-day NMR and MS services at nearby York University.

New in 2023, we are now using an Automated Flash Chromatography Purification System, equipped with UV and ELS detectors and able to purify using up to 3kg of silica.

Laboratory with four fume hoods and ongoing reactions, with a chemist standing at the rear fume hood.

Products & Shipping

Synthose has a catalogue of over 1300 carbohydrates, glycoconjugates, building blocks, and reference standards ready to ship from our lab to yours.

We offer same-day express shipping of stock products worldwide, with customers in over 40 countries and counting.

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Group of 8 amber glass product containers, ranging from a 4 milliliter vial to a 250 gram jar.

Custom Synthesis

Researchers in chemistry, biology, pharmaceutical development, and biofuel fields rely on our carbohydrate synthesis expertise for their custom molecules.

With a library of intermediates and years of experience working with sugars, we can provide timely quotes and quick synthesis turnaround for your next R&D project.

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Close-up of fume hood with rotary evaporator and small Erlenmeyer flasks.