Our Areas of Expertise

We are specialists in carbohydrate synthesis, with core competencies in:

  • Glycoconjugation
  • Isotopic labelling in multiple positions
  • Building blocks & orthogonal protection of sugars
  • Oligosaccharide chaining
  • Synthetic glucuronide drug metabolites
  • Pyrolysis products
  • Modification of intermediate non-sugar structures by a wide range of general synthetic methods

Browse our Catalogue for examples of our synthesis capabilities, and ask us about related or novel carbohydrate compounds.

Working with Us

How Synthose can help move your R&D forward:

  • A library of in-house sugar intermediates to start from and provide much shorter lead times to your compound
  • After 15 years of designing successful synthesis routes, we quickly choose the optimal protection or coupling strategy
  • Discounted project-based pricing to reduce your costs for a group of similar compounds
  • Synthesis route design that prioritizes purity and quality, scalability, and safety and environmental responsibility

Whether you are a senior researcher working on a novel drug candidate, or a student completing your PhD in biochemistry, we want to provide the rare or novel carbohydrates you need. Contact us about your project today.

Confidential Agreement

Working on proprietary compounds?
Please send a copy of your CDA or similar document to Barbara Goss at barbara.goss@synthose.com prior to discussing your target structures.