Shipping Service Options

Synthose Inc. ships worldwide by FedEx. Your order will be shipped by priority service, unless an economy or ground service is available to your destination and the products can be shipped using those services.

You may provide your own FedEx account number at the time of ordering, or save it in your account settings.

Estimated Cost and Time

Select your destination to estimate shipping cost and transit time.
  • Estimates are in CAD for Canadian destinations and in USD for all other destinations.
  • Pricing does not include insurance, customs brokerage fees, and/or import taxes.
  • Transit time (in business days) is estimated only and does not include customs clearance or weather delays.
  • Certain addresses may incur an additional out-of-area surcharge. This will be listed on your account.
  • Pricing is applicable to small packages, for product sizes of up to about 10 grams.
  • For larger packages, or if your country is not listed, please contact
  • Prices subject to change without notice.

Additional Shipping Information

Cold Shipments

Products requiring cold pack shipping will be billed at a higher rate due to the weight of the package and will incur an additional packing fee.

Transit Times

Items that are in stock will be shipped same day if your order is received by 15:00 EDT. For large orders requiring lengthy packing times, you will be informed if the order cannot be shipped the same day. It is currently 18:27 on June 24th in Toronto, Canada.

You may check approximate transit times to your location using the form above. These times may be affected by courier routing choices, poor weather, or delays during customs clearance. Synthose Inc. is not responsible for such delays in transit.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance as well as the payment of duties, taxes, or government agency fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer / importer. Synthose Inc. will provide documentation needed for customs clearance with your shipment, but if your country requires specialized documentation, please provide this at the time of your order. Synthose Inc. is not responsible for any delays in transit due to customs clearance.

Ship as Available

By default, Synthose ships orders when they are completely filled. For orders having products with different lead times, you may choose to ship each product as it becomes available. Shipping charges will apply to each separate shipment. The additional shipping charge is waived if the products cannot be shipped per your order confirmation due to an unexpected delay.

Shipping as Single Lot

By default, Synthose will ship available lots of the ordered product, and you may receive multiple lots if ordering multiple packs. You may select to receive the same lot for all packs, but this may affect the lead time for your order.


Shipping insurance can be added to your order.
The cost is 5% of the value of the shipment.

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