Job Posting

Senior Carbohydrate Research Chemist

Posted: September 9, 2022
Start Date: January 2, 2024

Job Type: Full Time, Permanent (40 hours/week)
Salary: $100,000

Chemist operating a valve on a reaction flask under inert gas.

We are seeking a senior research chemist with specific experience in carbohydrate synthesis. You should have independently developed multi-step synthetic routes towards finished carbohydrate compounds. You will be working in a manufacturing setting that is client-oriented, requiring highly pure, stereo-specific final products.

At Synthose, you will have the opportunity to work on many synthesis projects alongside a small team of colleagues in a somewhat flexible work environment. You can expect to broaden your knowledge of carbohydrate synthesis as you work independently and in consultation with the Senior Scientist to develop novel compounds.


  • Literature review and development of multi-step synthetic routes towards target compounds
  • R&D-level synthesis and supervision of scaled-up production, according to new or established methods
  • Independent set-up and monitoring of reactions, work-up, isolation, and purification of products, and the development of these processes for new compounds
  • Interpretation of analytical data (1H-NMR, MS, TLC, HPLC) and stereochemical characterization of known and novel compounds
  • Detailed record-keeping in lab notebook
  • Consultation with the Senior Scientist regarding on-going projects
  • Supervision of more junior chemists, their projects and safe conduct in the laboratory
  • Adherence to lab safety standards as well as protocols to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, including completed vaccination

Required Qualifications

  • PhD degree in Chemistry
  • Minimum 10 years since your PhD in a synthetic laboratory setting, specifically in carbohydrate chemistry

Additional Qualifications

  • Experience designing and conducting multi-step synthetic routes towards novel carbohydrate and related compounds
  • Proficiency in synthetic lab processes, from reactions to final purification, on the R&D and production scales
  • Proficiency in interpretation of analytical data (1H-NMR, MS, TLC, HPLC) and stereochemical characterization of carbohydrates
  • Strong knowledge of lab safety standards, including handling of hazardous materials and safe waste disposal procedures
  • Highly detail-oriented, adaptable, and a creative problem-solver
  • Independent and able to work on multiple projects at the same time
  • Some experience in a supervisory or mentoring role is desirable
  • Very good written and verbal communication in English