Synthose partners with OUIT on NSERC Engage Grant

Synthose partners with OUIT on NSERC Engage Grant

February 27, 2018

Person in a lab coat writing in a notebook.

Synthose is collaborating with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Dr. Jean-Paul Desaulniers on a Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) funded Engage Grant entitled "Synthesis of Novel Sugar-Nucleic Acid Polymers."

Natural molecules like DNA and RNA are sugar-nucleic acid polymers that have desirable biological function. However, expanding the applications of sugar-nucleic acid polymers are needed for downstream biotechnological applications because natural DNA and RNA are susceptible to degradation in the biological environment.

Based on the expertise of Synthose in sugar chemistry, and the expertise in nucleic acid chemistry by Dr. Desaulniers' research group UOIT, new proposed sugar-nucleic acid polymers will be synthesized and studied.

The Engage Grant is a six-month exploratory project ahead of a proposed two-year Collaborative Research and Development Grant.